Weary Horse Inn

Journal Entry


Tavern Name: The Weary Horse Inn
Bartender: Female half-ogre, 9th-level NPC commoner

Interesting Clientele: A human wearing colorful clothing and a chain shirt, with a gleaming curved sword at his hip sitting alone who leaves when the Super Mega Happy team arrives
Rumors Overheard: The patrons are wary and the staff tight-lipped.

Accommodations: Common (a placed on a raised, heated floor, blanket and pillow, amongst higher-class company) for 3 sp/day

Today’s Menu:
-Breakfast: Meatballs, Sharp cheese, Goose eggs, Melon, Sunflower loaf (cost 3sp).
-Lunch: Lamb stew, Sharp cheese, Taro, Currants (cost 4sp).
-Supper: Lamb chop, Taro, Corn, Coarse rye bread, Plain cake (cost 5sp).
-Snack: Duck eggs, Blackberries, Mush (cost 2sp).


Weary Horse Inn

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